Why can’t I log into Rolls-Royce Care?

Please check the following tips before you contact us:

  • Please set Rolls-Royce Care as a trusted site within your browser security settings
  • Please always type your password into the password field rather than copying and pasting from a document
  • Be careful not to hit the space bar after typing in your UserID or Password as this will count as a character
  • Your Password and Security Challenge questions are case sensitive but your UserID is not
  • Your UserID will become locked after 3 failed log in attempts
  • If you previously had an Aeromanager UserID and have not logged into Rolls-Royce Care since 1 June 2015 please contact Rolls-Royce Care Administration Support to re-activate your UserID. Please click Email icon: Email Symbol 40 by 40

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Common issues

You may have hit the space bar after entering your Userid and Password on initial registration. Similarly you may have done this on first log when you entered your

Security Challenge answers. If you pressed the space bar this will count as a character. You do have the ability to amend your Security Challenge questions. To

find User guidance navigate to the Page Help Page Help imagefrom your Home Page when you are successfully logged into the Private site.


Login Support

User Self Help is available in the form of a Forgotten Password link on the log in page of the site. This triggers an automated Email that allows you to change

your password and can also be used to unlock your ID. To use this feature you must know and correctly enter your username and answer the security challenge

questions. An automated Email will then be sent to the registered Email address which will allow you to change your password. Please note that this Email will

come from: ‘noreply-rolls-royce-care@rolls-royce.com’ so please ensure that you do not have an auto rule set to forward ‘noreply’ Emails to your spam folder.


Still need to get in touch?

Phone Symbol 40 x 40 24 hour login Support is provided on Telephone: +44 (0)1332 246113 by choosing option 1 at the main menu. Please inform the call handler that

you are trying to access the Rolls-Royce Care site

Email Symbol 40 by 40 You can also contact Rolls-Royce Care Administration Support by Email: <Rolls-Royce Care Administration Support >


First time log in

You will be prompted to set three Security Challenge questions when you first log in. You do have the ability to amend your Security Challenge questions after

they have been set by navigating to ‘Challenge Questions and Answers’ link via the Help menu. A supporting user guide can be obtained when you are

sucessfully logged into the private site via the Landing Page Help Page Help image within the Hints and Tips section.


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